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Join us!

Don't forget Tomorrow's protest isn't about Trump or Biden

or Democrats and Republicans.

Cause none of that matters for this fight.

Democrats want their freedom of choice and so do Republicans

Trump Fans want their freedom of choice and so do Biden fans.

But right now, our choices suck. When blackmail, extortion (business owners and smaller govt agencies), and bribery are used....that is not freedom, that's control.

So let's keep signs neutral.

We don't want the community or the news to paint this movement or spin it any other way then what it is, freedom of choice.

Picture and videos will pop up on social media..and if there are signs that are pro or anti will defeat our cause.

Remember We still have today to spread the word. so keep tagging and sharing with strangers

You can pass out flyers at UNR...Walmart..

-Put em on windshields.

-Give them to the driver thru Cashiers

-Give them to the Bank Tellers

-Pass em out at the mall

If we want the mandates gone then we need soldiers who can stand up and shoe up. We dont want Vegas to have all the fun. ;)

3 Locations:

2 PM at the Believe Sign

4 PM at the Sierra Court house

4 PM at the Governors Building (on the flyer)

Here are some examples for neutral signs:




My Choice

Not the Govt's

No More Mandates

Masks OK

No Masks OK

Vaxx OK

No Vaxx. OK

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