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Health Freedom Nevada

11/27/21: NV BOARD OF EMAIL CAMPAIGN: PLEASE SEND THIS 1 EMAIL BEFORE END OF DAY WEDNESDAY 12/1/21.* Simply copy and paste the message below and send it to the general BOH email address below. You may update/personalize the message if you like or you may compose your own verbiage with a similar theme/message. Make the subject line in the email whatever you want to call it, so we are all unique on that part. Please send this before the end of day Wednesday Dec. 1, 2021.


Dear Dr. Jon Pennell, DVM; Dr. Jeffrey Murawsky, MD; Dr. Trudy Larson, MD; Dr. Monica Ponce', DDS; Judith Bittner and Charles Smith, I am contacting you today about any current or future consideration by the Nevada Board of Health to require that children receive COVID vaccines as a requirement for school enrollment and attendance in the state of Nevada. I strongly oppose any such measure and remind you that these vaccines are currently not approved for uptake in children ages 5-17 by the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA); rather they have been authorized by the FDA under an Emergency Use Authorization (EUA). Per federal law as referenced below, any product licensed under an EUA requires that citizens and therefore in the case of minor children, their parents/legal guardians, have the option to accept or refuse the product. Emergency Use Authorization of Medical Products and Related Authorities Guidance for Industry and Other Stakeholders January 2017 Section E: Conditions of Authorization; 1. Information relating to the EUA Product; b. Information for Recipients: “the statute requires that FDA ensure that recipients are informed to the extent practicable given the applicable circumstances…….That they have the option to accept or refuse the EUA product” Best Regards, Your Name Your City, NV

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