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☎️ CALL TO ACTION ☎️ Washoe County Health District Meeting ☎️ 10/28/21, 1:00 pm ☎️

️ CALL TO ACTION ️ Washoe County Health District Meeting 10/28/2021, 1:00 pm Greetings, fellow Nevadans, It’s that time again… We will be attending the Washoe County Health District meeting on 10/28/2021 at 1:00 pm, at the County Complex Commission Chambers. The WCHD meets only once a month and offers the citizenry a limited opportunity to address the board making decisions affecting the Constitutional rights of Washoe County citizens regarding the “State of Emergency” invoked under NRS 414 by the Governor. Items of Interest on the attached WCHD October Agenda: - 4. Dr. John Klacking was appointed to replace Thomas Young whose term expired. Read Dr. Reka Danko's OpEd regarding political appointments: health-opinion/. (SHERYL BENNET, MSN, RN - would have been a far better selection than Dr. Klacking, who lives in Commissioner Bob Lucey's District) Compare the two attached resumes and decide who you would have rather had on the Health Board making decisions for county health policy. - 6. (B(i, ii)) The consent agenda includes $1.1 million for Washoe County's WIC program, as wells as $300K for the "Youth Vaping Prevention Fund." - 7. Presentation: Prevention and treatment of COVID-19. Presented by: Dr. Reka Danko (RECOMMEND STAYING FOR THIS!!) - 9. Presentation and possible acceptance of the mid-year progress report on the 2021 Community Health Improvement Plan. (FOR POSSIBLE ACTION) (RECOMMEND STAYING FOR THIS!!) - 14. Recommendation to review and approve of the District Health Officer’s Annual Performance Evaluation Results. (FOR POSSIBLE ACTION) (DEFINITELY STAYING FOR THIS!!) - 15.(E) Office of the District Health Officer, Kevin Dick, District Health Officer (DEFINITELY STAYING FOR THIS!!) STANDARD POINTS TO MAKE TO THE WCHD Board: 1. Freedom of Choice - The right of “My body, my choice.” - The WCHD has NO authority to make policy decisions that will result in segregation based on inaccurate science of masking, testing, tracing and involuntary medical interventions - experimental or otherwise. - Any means of medical segregation creates inequality amongst the citizenry, infringements the WCHD has no authority in which to be involved! They are UNELECTED BUREAUCRATS! 2. Any means or method of verification of the “Covid 19 Vaccination”, whether titled a “Passport”, “Health Pass” or any other euphemism is nothing more than a 21st century rendition of “Show us your papers!” 3. NO FORCED VACCINES! NO VACCINE MANDATES! NO POLICIES OF "NO JAB, NO JOB!"

  1. The injections administered by the FDA’s EUA are in fact, experimental medical procedures that cannot be forced on a FREE person.

  2. On 10/26/21, the FDA approved (17-0) Covid-19 vaccinations for children aged 5 - 11 years old. This is unconscionable.

  3. There has been no long term testing for safety & efficacy - the vaxed group IS the long term study!

  4. As of 10/15/21, VAERs (CDC) reporting indicates 7,848 deaths in the United States are attributed to the jab.

  5. There are dangerous side effects to young men (myocarditis & pericarditis), apparent side effects to women’s menses, pregnancies – is this how we treat our kids, our community’s and nation’s future? NO!

4. Lastly and most importantly, Medical Mandates have no place in a free society. Since the Health Board and “Health Officer” Kevin Dick have been the authorities driving the “pandemic response” in Washoe County, they must face the full force of citizens’ articulated disappointment with public health policy, because the measures they have imposed have negatively affected not only our civil liberties, but decimated the morale & mental health of our youth and destroyed businesses!!! We will NOT comply! Please mark your calendars and join us , 10/28/21 at 1:00 pm1001 E. 9th Street, Reno, NV.(Washoe County Commission Chambers). A little citizen activist history.... On 08/26/2021, Washoe County citizens attended the meeting and by exercise of civil disobedience, forced the board to go into recess. The Chair, Reno City Councilman Oscar Delgado, on several occasions was condescending and inappropriately officious towards citizens who chose to remove their face coverings (cue to 29:14). Dr. Danko, one of the appointed board members, made an impassioned “public comment” of her own when the board returned from recess. See her comments here (cue to 1:05:08) Please draw your own conclusions as to where you perceive her loyalties are. Best regards in pursuit of freedom, Cindy Martinez Commission/Health District Brigade

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