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CALL TO ACTION - WASHOE COUNTY BCC MEETING – TUESDAY - 12/14/21 at 10AM Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays, fellow Patriots! It is hard to believe we have been appearing at the Washoe County Board of County Commissioner meetings for almost a year! On 12/15/2020, a memorable day in the hearts and minds of "pandemic" weary patriotic Washoe County citizens, over 150 of us gathered at the commission meeting to give public comment about how our families, children, lives, businesses and civil liberties had been abused and decimated by the unconstitutional mandates imposed by Governor Steve Sisolak. His unlawful edicts violated the separation of powers clause in the Nevada Constitution (Article 3, Section 1). We were led by Reno's son, Attorney and Candidate for Nevada Governor Joey Gilbert ( Joey began the fight in March 2020 and inspired all of us to stand up, show up and speak up at the public meetings of our elected representatives. Our friends in the Health Freedom movement have been instrumental in sharing the benefit of their experience in the same battles they've engaged in other states. We are all blessed to be from different groups but united in demanding our elected representatives recognize & respect not only our Constitutional rights, but our divine and human rights to determine how best to care for the health of ourselves & our families. The Washoe County Board of County Commissioners has been steadfast in ignoring the concerns and cries of the citizenry who placed their votes to elevate them to a position of public trust. Your perseverance in appearing at the BCC, Health District and WCSD meetings has not been without success. We must keep up the pressure and demand accountability from those elected representatives. Accordingly, please make room in your schedule to attend the Board of County Commissioners next meeting: Tuesday, 12/14/2021, 10:00 am Washoe County Chambers 1001 E. 9th Street, Reno The agenda has 44 items. Many items are in a consent agenda and we anticipate many more will be compiled into "block votes" for efficiency of time. The most important items are: #3 - PUBLIC COMMENT #5 - Annual Comprehensive Financial Report ( there are 12 hyperlinks in the agenda if you would like to review; not recommended to speak to this today, but study later) #9 - Status update to approve allocation of American Rescue Plan and Coronavirus Fiscal Recovery Funds (see attached, your head will spin-mine did) #42 - Discussion and possible termination of the March 16, 2020, Declaration of Emergency Concerning Covid-19 (see attached agenda document) * under this item, please also consider speaking to: * Ban Covid-19 vaccine mandates for all Washoe County * Ban “vaccine passports” and any/all other means/methods of verifying the medical status of citizens for purposes of participation in society which is discriminatory and leads to segregation. * Eliminate & ban mask mandates #43 - Closing PUBLIC COMMENT We are asking you to give public comment in support of ending the emergency declaration - it is abundantly clear there is NO emergency. The "variants" that are rolled out periodically to gin up fear in the citizens are the result of mutations caused by the Emergency Use Authorized shots intended to prevent Covid-19. The shots have shown there is NO prevention of virus transmission. The mutations have been similar to antibiotic resistant bacteria because of the overuse of antibiotics. (*Note: I am not a medical professional nor do I play one on TV or in your email. I have read a LOT this past year about the virus & "vaccines.") The bureaucrats in charge of this botched "pandemic response" are responsible for incalculable damage to our families, communities and psyches. They instigated a mass psychosis from which multitudes of citizens seemingly cannot break away. It has been a horrific and tragic governmental intervention and resultant commission of Crimes Against Humanity. We are not yet through this devastation and we must ensure once we emerge from the tyranny, that history records the horror, tyranny, subjugation and fear we have endured. Our families and friendships lost to this moment in history may never be repaired. We must rise to the challenges ahead of us, find unity in purpose of restoring our community and resolve to never again let our elected representatives abuse the trust we placed in them when they asked for our votes. I will see you on Tuesday, 12/14/21, to close the year with hopefully a successful outcome of the lifting of the emergency declaration. It depends on YOU. Let's fill the county chambers with persevering Patriots!!! Best regards in pursuit of freedom, Cindy Martinez Leader, County Commission Brigade P.S. There is also a Washoe County Health District meeting on 12/16/21 at 1:00PM at the same address as above. Agenda is attached. I am unable to attend. But hopefully all others will do so if possible in her absence (Janet) Washoe County Commissioners Bob Luceyblucey@washoecounty.us775.328.2012 District 2Vaughn Hartungvhartung@washoecounty.us775.328.2007 District 4Alexis Hillahill@washoecounty.us775-328-2011Cell: 775-447-3017District 1Kitty Jungkjung@washoecounty.us775.560.7152 District 3Jeanne Hermanjherman@washoecounty.us775.501.0002 District 5 Public

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