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๐Ÿ†˜ Call to Action! ๐Ÿ†˜

Last week, multiple agencies and organizations demanded that the Nevada State Board of Health mandate that all students be vaccinated with covid-19 vaccines as a prerequisite for attending all Nevada Systems of Higher Education schools. They did this with all the rabid frenzy of fully-indoctrinated zealots claiming a right over the bodies of everyone they come in contact with. For example, the Nevada Faculty Alliance claimed: "Although faculty and staff will all be vaccinated (or tested weekly), the vaccine is not 100% effective, nor are masks, so the presence of unvaccinated students on campus, even if masked, will result in entirely preventable transmissions of this deadly disease from students to other students, faculty, and staff." While admitting that the vaccine cannot prevent transmission of the "deadly disease" with a survival rate of over 98%, they demanded that students be injected with the faulty, experimental pharmaceutical product in order to magically entirely prevent transmissions of Covid-19. Their collective uproar has led to the State Board of Education calling for an emergency board meeting on August 20.Now that the Supreme Court has said that it will not challenge mandates of these experimental products on college students, the state board may be emboldened to force all NSHE students to be injected or to be kicked out of school. It is a lie that a person simply existing is a risk to some other person. We have taken the idea of public health too far when we claim that merely being alive in a body that hasn't been altered through man-made drugs and pharmaceuticals is an inherent risk to anyone else. Please provide your opposition to mandated vaccination for college students (and everyone) at the emergency meeting on Friday, August 20 at 9:00am. The agenda for the meeting is here. You can submit your public comments in writing here, and you can call in during the public comment to share your opposition to mandated pharmaceutical products for NSHE students. The students in Nevada deserve to maintain their Constitutionally guaranteed right to say "no" to drugs for any reason. It is a violation of Nuremberg Code to force anyone to participate in a medical experiment (and with non-FDA approved drugs, these vaccines qualify as experimental). It is a violation of the 1st amendment to require anyone to violate his or her religious beliefs in order to participate in society and especially at publicly-funded schools. To attend virtually and give comment, here is the zoom link: Meeting ID: 933 5748 2790 - Zoom Link: - Passcode: 105311 Meeting ID: 933 5748 2790 - 1-669-900-9128 - Passcode: 105311 To submit comments: PUBLIC COMMENT: Public testimony under this agenda item may be presented by phone, computer, or written comment. Because of time considerations, each caller offering testimony during this period for public comment will be limited to not more than 2:00 minutes. A person may also have comments added to the minutes of the meeting by submitting them in writing either in addition to testifying or in lieu of testifying. Written comments may be submitted electronically before, during, or after the meeting by email to You may also mail written documents to the Division of Public and Behavioral Health, 4150 Technology Way, Suite 300, Carson City, NV 89706, or fax them to (775) 687- 7570. Use of obscenities or other behavior which disrupts the meeting to the extent that its orderly conduct is made impractical may result in the forfeiture of the opportunity to provide public comment or removal from the meeting.

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